Mother's Day Forage & Tea

Mother’s Day Forage & Tea


Trying to find something special to do for Mother’s Day? How about a walk on the wildside? Join us for a fun afternoon foraging for easy-to-find wild edibles followed by a natural outdoor tea party!┬áThis is the time of year when plants are just emerging – young and tender and full of nutrients. And one of the easiest ways to get the benefits of spring foraging is by making teas. Tyler and Erin from Foragers Farms, our resident gardeners, believe that being outside and working with plants gives us a deep connection with nature.┬áPlants carry an abundance of health and medicine and have the power to heal, empower and transform when harvested safely and used properly.

Price of $60 is per family group, large and small, young and old, and includes expert foraging instruction, tea-tasting and delicious treats baked fresh here on the farm. Don’t forget to dress like a forager – warm clothing, protective footwear, gloves and a hat if it’s sunny. Limited enrollment so sign up soon!