Lunar Rhythmic Woman

Outline for Day

• 9:00 – Arrival, meet, greet & housekeeping

• 9:30-11:30 – Lunar Rhythmic Woman Yoga Class

The day begins with movement, after a short discussion and introduction about what to expect for the day we get on the mat, for a lunar rhythmic woman class. We move our bodies with the awareness of Grandmother Moon’s cycles, embodying her energies through asana (poses) & moving meditation. We begin to evoke and embody the awareness of ourselves as women who are rhythmic in nature, constantly moving through cycles as Grandmother Moon moves us in our earth experience. This class is flowing, nurturing and sensuous and progresses through the 4 phases of the moon providing the opportunity for our sisters to fine tune their awareness of the feelings that each phase evokes in her body. Moving in this feminine way infuses the awareness that our body is our earth temple vessel, so when we move her, nourish her, honour her and love her, we are loving & honouring mother earth also.

• 11:30-12:30 – Washroom Break, Refreshments, Tea, and Circle

Break to get a cup of tea and visit the washroom then we gather for a short circle to introduce ourselves and share our experiences of the class, and any intentions, or breakthrough requests for the day.

• 12:30-1:45 – Lunch

• 1:45 – 3:45 – Workshop: Magical Menstruation & Sacred Self Care

Truly understanding the power of menstruation unlocks the magic of our feminine rhythms and the incredible gift of being woman. This workshop introduces sisters to the 4 phases of Maiden/Sacred Rebel, Mother/Empress/Creatress, Enchantress/MedicineWoman, Queen/Elder… We dive into how working with these archetypes within our monthly cycle has the power to transform our life! Creating a Sacred Self Care plan that supports our month’s natural ebb and flow is key for women to truly embody their feminine essence and support their sensitivities… When we feel supported, seen, heard, all of life reflects that back to us!

• 3:45-4:15 – Ecstatic Dance/Free-flow Movement

Free-flow movement that expresses the 4 Elements, 4 Directions, 4 Phases, 4 Expressions of the Archetypes of The Sacred Feminine Journey. Complete with meditation and closing circle.

Jade Mason Bio

Jade is a women’s mysteries facilitator, yoga teacher, energy mistress, shamanic sound healer & mindfulness coach. She is the founder of the Sacred Women School of Ancient Feminine Mysteries and the Sacred Women Movement.

Jade has been co facilitating women’s mysteries circles and retreats since 2011. She has a unique gift in assisting the release of pain and limitation in body and mind.

Through psychic guidance & clairaudience Jade has been facilitating growth and change in her clients and students since 1997. Her gift of song and sound healing has enabled her to travel to festivals and retreat centres throughout Australia. Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Brisbane Yoga Festival, 7 Sisters Festival, Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival & Yoga Aid Events.

Her passion is seeing women empowered by reuniting & connecting with their feminine nature. “When we remember our infinite nature & merge this awareness with ancient wisdom it opens doorways to free ourselves of limitation. We are then liberated to express our unique essence in the world, inspiring radical change & healing.” Jade teaches women how to transform their lives using the wisdom of the 4 phases of womanhood reflected in their menstrual cycle & the phases of the moon. This is an empowering process as her sisters (students) learn how to turn their sensitivities into their greatest asset. When women understand how powerful and magical they are their whole community and the world at large benefits. May the mysteries and the magic unfold as we co create the world we dream of! One cycle at a time.