Concert Series: Kate Boothman

With Opening Musician:  Mattie Leon

For The Covid Era – We’ve All Been There!

We’re so pleased to bring Kate Boothman to our stage at Headwaters. A woman of many talents, we were first attracted to Kate through her cookbook, “Sing for Your Supper”, which was on display in Furby’s one day. Kate had spent a summer cooking for Blue Rodeo at Greg Keelor’s Northumberland farmhouse when they were recording their “In Our Nature” album. Kate’s handwritten recipes and intimate collection of photos documenting that special moment in her life spoke so much to her creativity and perfectionist nature. It was only later that we were introduced to her tremendous musical talents at Cultivate and have been following her ever since.

“Please Don’t Be Late” is the first single off of Kate Boothman’s forthcoming record, My Next Mistake, a collection of songs about isolation, killing time, and accepting the unacceptable. Themes that resonate with this period of enforced global solitude.

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Review by Darryl Sterdan

Kate Boothman is long overdue for love in her haunting new single Please Don’t Be Late — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of the psychedelic roots-rocker’s upcoming sophomore album My Next Mistake, Boothman’s seductive country waltz lazily lopes into view on the back of a gently trotting gait, subtly spurred on by a nimble bassline. Held aloft by clouds of swirling fiddles, a lightly strummed guitar, a twangy lick and quietly insistent faux-toreador horns, the world-weary singer-songwriter bares her soul and shares her yearning in no uncertain terms: “It’s been a while since I held something real / It’s been a while since I’ve known how to feel … Please don’t be late.” Only a fool or a heartless soul would spurn her.

Not that anybody’s been ignoring Boothman lately. Since emerging from the Northumberland Hills in 2017, the horse trainer-turned-rocker has turned heads with the intoxicating cocktail of choppy indie-rock, earthy roots and trippy psychedelia showcased on her debut album I Am An Animal.I Am An Animal is about letting go. Relinquishing the reins and honouring those parts of ourselves that can sometimes seem insane. It’s all a part of the ride,” she has said.

It’s been quite a ride. Since releasing I Am An Animal, Boothman has played countless shows on a variety of stages — both under her own considerable steam and as the invited opener for the likes of Blue Rodeo, Robyn Hitchcock, Wilco, Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Jonathan Wilson, Ana Egge, Kathleen Edwards and Jolie Holland. She’s even played the corner of a vacation hamburger restaurant.

Soon, she’ll be serving up My Next Mistake. Recorded and produced by Thomas D’Arcy at Taurus Recording in Toronto, the tunes were mixed by Graham Walsh and mastered by Dan Weston. The nine-song disc finds Boothman backed by a crack ensemble that includes D’Arcy on keyboards, guitarist Jimmy Bowskill, bassist Ann Ruddick (City and Colour, Randy Bachman), Can-rock MVP Gavin Brown on drums, Barenaked LadiesKevin Hearn and more.


Mattie Leon

Mattie Leon is a singer/songwriter hailing from the western reaches of Toronto. A craftsman with a guitar, Mattie refuses to leave the past behind. His sensibilities are informed by the songwriting of the sixties and seventies. His voice, whether soaring or soulful, is his own. The result is a fresh take on a classic form; familiar but unmistakably new.

Mattie is no stranger to the road. He’s brought his music to stages across Canada, from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts. At his side is Mike Leon, Mattie’s drummer and longtime collaborator. Together, they’ve become a captivating example of the unique thing that happens when siblings perform together.

Mattie’s momentum has seen him become a promising new face in the landscape of Canadian music. Recently signed by Inside Pocket Music, Mattie is working on a new EP with JUNO-award winning producer, Gavin Brown, with the first single set for a November 15th release.

Headwaters Farm Concerts

Our open-air concerts are a venue like no other. Our natural amphitheater provides concert-goers with an expansive view of the rolling Northumberland hills and Lake Ontario. As you settle in to the listen to your favourite music, you’ll feel the cool evening breezes and watch the softening light transform the skyline.
We seek out talent from around the county. These skilled musicians are you neighbours and they bring a real down-home feel to every event. Owners/Farmers Linda and Tony Armstrong will greet you when you arrive, serve up authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, chat with you about their farm life and sit down to enjoy the concert too! Many who attend our concerts have now become friends and return again and again!


Saturday, September 5
6:00 – 8:00 pm
3517 Rowe Rd, Cobourg
(We are in Hamilton Township, 15 mins north of Port Hope and Cobourg, 30 minutes south of Peterborough)
Text 289-829-0343 for more information or email info@headwatersfarm.ca
BYOLawnchair, BYORefreshments
Our insurance requires this to be a non-alcohol event. We will not be serving or selling alcohol to our guests.


$25 for concert (100 max)
$40 for concert and 8″ personal pizza (60 max)
Pre-paid tickets only. No sales at the door.
We carry on, rain or shine. We will shut down if rain becomes torrential or there is lightning.

Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza choices

(sorry, no gluten free)

1. Arugula and Prosciutto: oil with herbs, arugula, prosciutto, garlic, fresh rosemary, ricotta, shaved parmesan
2. Margherita: seasoned tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, fresh basil leaves

3. Pollo: pesto sauce, chicken, cherry tomatoes, onions, mozzarella, ricotta

Covid Precautions

As per government recommendations for Covid Stage 3;
Maximum attendance of 100 people
Social distancing of 2 metres between social groups
Barrier between audience and stage
Pizzas delivered to your seat
Staff wear masks
Tickets and food pre-ordered, no cash exchange
Washroom equipped with sanitizing equipment