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Here on our 1 acre Market Garden we are always looking for new ways to regenerate our soil, increase bio diversity and continue to grow and develop a holistic approach to working with plants. In this small scale context we focus on every part of our garden and are able to observe the natural cycles as the seasons change.  Currently, our garden is set up with 15 plots of 12, 50 foot long permanent raised beds in each plot.  Each of these plots have one row of perennial plantings, along with habitats for birds, snakes, frogs and beneficial insects to increase the bio diversity in our garden.

Our Market Garden produce is available at the following locations:

Farmer’s Markets
Saturdays 8 to 1 at the Cobourg Farmers Market


The Mill Restaurant


Lil Organic Kitchen Whitby

Lil Organic Kitchen Cobourg

Health Food Stores

TNS Whitby

TNS Cobourg


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