Education Centre

Our Education Centre is the not-for-profit branch of your Headwaters experience. Here we create opportunities to Learn, Experience and Celebrate what sustainable and healthy living is all about.

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·       Visit the Farm

·       Outdoor Pizza Oven

·       Maker Barn

·       Sustainable Living Workshops

·       Culinary Classes

·       U-Pick and FarmGate

·       Day Retreats

·       Yoga and Wellness

·       Art Classes

·       Hiking and Foraging Picnics


·       Fruits of our Labour Day Festival

·       Barn Talks Under the Stars



Program Details
Visit the Farm Guided or self-guided tours of our gardens, bees, pastures and livestock areas. Join in feeding the goats and collecting eggs, helping out our gardeners or beekeeper. Follow our trail maps to see our old growth forest, wetland and meadow habitats. Picnics available on request.
Outdoor Pizza Oven Come and enjoy our wood-burning pizza oven every Saturday. Bring your family to make your own pizzas and try out our bagels. Learn how we use this traditional method to cook a whole day’s menue – baked goods, main dishes, soups and stews, even dried herbs and fruits.
Maker Barn Whether designing the latest in sun-powered hydrators or a simple, 5-piece birdhouse, our Maker Barn will cater to builders of all ages and skill-level.
Sustainable Living Workshops We offer hands-on opportunities to see “living on the land” in action! Topics will include homesteading projects, ecological gardening and agriculture, water and solar catchment, beekeeping and natural building,
Culinary Classes Participants select produce from the garden to make farm-fresh meals in our teaching kitchen and enjoy the results together around the dining table. Classes led by Headwaters staff, expert chefs or community members. Topics also include do-it-yourself techniques such as canning, freezing, fermenting, growing spouts, making yogurt, and baking bread.
U-Pick and FarmGate Learn about ecological farming at Headwaters with a garden tour of our permaculture beds and pick your own vegetables and herbs to take home and enjoy. Also visit our FarmGate stand for farm-fresh produce, eggs, honey and meat. A real taste of Northumberland!
Day Retreats Our commercial kitchen and education centre in the heart of our farmhouse is available for daily hire for your next corporate team building or organization’s retreat in the rolling hills of Northumberland. Packages are customized and include “feet on farm” experiences and farm-fresh lunches and snacks.
Yoga and Wellness Weekly wellness classes that will refresh, replenish and rejuvenate both mind and body. Classes include yoga, tai chi, dance, meditation, and therapy sessions.
Art Classes Using our outdoor spaces, local artists will hold classes using a variety of medium including foraged materials to capture the beauty surrounding us.
Hiking and Foraging Picnics Unique to Headwaters, our prepared picnic lunches allow you to nourish the soul while exploring the great outdoors! Picnic baskets for families or couples are available.
Fruits of our Labour Day Festival


An annual harvest festival that celebrates our growing season. Enjoy food stations set up around the property and join in activities that celebrate homestead farming such as pressing apple cider, baking in the wood-fired oven, extracting honey and feeding the animals. Musicians will serenade you along the way and a sunset performance will top off the day.
Barn Talks – Under the Stars An exclusive evening of friendly banter and dinner al fresco. Listen to a symposium of earth-conscious experts, authors and comedians who take the stage for some intelligent and witty presentations.