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Choose Your Activities

Wholesome, healthy and sustainable is the lifestyle we support and the kind of activities we like to provide to enhance your experience with us. Design your day to suit the personalities in your group. We recommend you choose 2 activties for a full day at the farm, 1 activity if you’re only coming for the morning or afternoon. All workshops are 90 minutes.




Foraging Hike (groups of 6-30)

Take a guided tour through 120 acres of field, forest, meadow and wetland. Find out how land-use and the natural ecology have evolved together over the years. You’ll spot telltale signs of beaver, deer and coyote, drink the fresh spring water from the headwaters of Gage’s Creek and gather wild edibles to take home. We can make your guided hike as easy or as vigorous as you’d like. Easy access is along our roadways and treelines. Rugged hiking takes you to our beaver pond, old growth forest and tall grassy meadow.




Farm Tour (groups of 6-30)

Join our farmers and beekkeeper as we go about our business. Tour our gardens, greenhouses, packing station, livestock pens and pastures and beehives. Search the hen house for eggs, help milk a goat or get your hands dirty and harvest some vegetables, there is always a lot going on at Headwaters!




Yoga and Wellness (groups of 6-20)

We offer a wide range of yoga and other wellness practices led by a talented group of instructors from the local area. Sessions take place outside on our yoga platform and tent, surrounded by the serenity of tall trees and flowering gardens. Enjoy the soft breezes and birdsong while you melt away your daily stresses and find renewed energy. Choose from a combination of: Yoga or Qigong Meditation and visioning Personal reflection through journaling Energy therapies




Axes and Arrows (groups of 6-30)

If you’ve ever had a hankering for throwing sharp objects, here’s how to do it safely! Learn the basics of shooting an arrow and throwing an axe and aim for the bulls-eye in our custom-made target range. Split your group into teams and we’ll organize a round-robin for some friendly competition.




Farm Cooking (Groups of 6-12)

Headwaters Farm is know for delicious food and we love to pass on our cooking secrets using our indoor teaching kitchen and our outdoor pizza oven! Using fresh ingredients straight off the farm, our seasoned instructors teach recipes that are mouth-watering, nutritious and easy to replicate at home. The following are suggested options which we can customize to your liking: Baking and pastry-making International flavours Vegetarian and vegan Wood-fired oven – bagels and pizza Fermenting and Cultures Canning and preserving




Garden Party (Groups of 6-20)

Spend a sunny day outside getting your hands dirty! Learn how we tend our intensively managed market garden and our more chaotic permaculture kitchen garden. You’ll go from seeding and potting up to preparing soils and planting. End the activity by picking some fresh vegetables and herbs to take home as a sample of all your hard work.




Natural Body Care (Groups of 6-12)

Instead of heading to the drugstore for your health and beauty essentials, consider making your own. Homemade products are pure and natural, save money and feel great! This workshop teaches the basic recipes for making your own lotions, potions and medicinals using simple ingredients. Choose from: Soothing comfort – lotions, oils and salves Bathroom body – toothpaste, deodorant and body cleansers Natural medicine cabinet – healing with herbs




Painting and Crafting Party (Groups of 6-12)

What better way to celebrate the beauty of nature than to capture it through your own eyes and be able to translate it into something touchable. Local artists will bring out your creative side with simple techniques that will surprise you. Options include: Painting and mixed media Silk-screening, Sculpture Wild-crafting – grape-vine weaving




Group Themed Days

Don’t want to worry about planning? Choose one of these three themed days and leave the decisions to us!

1. Homesteading Day (Groups of 6-12)

As homesteaders, your group will learn handy skills that previous generations took for granted. Making lunch from scratch is part of the program. Activities could include: collecting chicken eggs, harvesting vegetables and herbs, making homemade soup and baking bread, starting a ferment or culture, canning a chutney or salsa, baking a pie, making body lotion or medicinal salve, constructing a raised garden bed, weaving baskets and more.

2. Survivor Day (Groups of 6-20)

It’s never too late to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! Find your inner wild child and learn how to save yourself from harm. Lunch depends on your foraging skills. Activities could include: Building a pole shelter, starting a flint fire, foraging for wild foods, sharpening knives and axes, carving an eating implement, crafting a water carrier or animal trap and more.

3. Zen Day (Groups of 6-20)

If relaxation is your main aim for getting a group together, then spend a day doing just that! Take advantage of our many outdoor spaces and experienced instructors to find some peace and enlightenment. Includes a healthy lunch and snacks – vegetarian lunch, green smoothies, herbal tea, gluten-free power bars. Activities could include: yoga, meditation, reflective journaling, forest bathing and chanting.  


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