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Choose Your Activities

Wholesome, healthy and sustainable is the lifestyle we support and the kind of activities we like to provide to enhance your experience with us. Design your day to suit the personalities in your group.

All workshops are 60-90 minutes.


First Level

$10 per person, no minimum or maximum persons


Guided Hike

With 120 acres of field, forest, meadow and wetland, we can make your guided hike as easy or as vigorous as you’d like. Find out how land-use and the natural ecology have evolved together over the years. You’ll spot telltale signs of beaver, deer and coyote, drink the fresh spring water from the headwaters of Gage’s Creek and gather wild edibles to take home.


Escape Forest

You and your friends are lost in a mysterious forest teeming with mischievous tree gnomes who have purposely set up traps to capture you. In our outdoor version of the popular “escape room” strategy games, you will work together to look for clues and solve puzzles that will let you escape the gnomes’ evil clutches!



Join farmers Linda, Tony and Tyler to learn some practical farming skills – feeding horses, milking goats, gathering chicken eggs, planting and harvesting vegetables, fixing a split-rail fence and other building projects. You might end up with your own basket of farm fresh veggies to take home!



Join beekeeper Randy for one of many bee-keeping projects – checking the hives, building a bee box or extracting honey. Learn about the wondrous and busy lives of bees and why we love them so much.  (This workshop dependent on the beekeeper’s schedule)



Second Level

$15 per person, 6 people minimum, 20 people maximum


Yoga and Wellness

We offer a wide range of yoga and other wellness practices led by a talented group of instructors from the local area. Sessions take place outside on our yoga platform and tent, surrounded by the serenity of tall trees and flowering gardens. Enjoy the soft breezes and birdsong while you melt away your daily stresses and find renewed energy. Choose from a combination of:

Yoga or Qigong
Meditation and visioning
Personal reflection through journaling
Energy therapies




Join our on-farm foragers, Erin and Tyler, for a fascinating look at what is hidden in plain sight! Through a guided tour of our forest, wetland and roadways, you will learn to identify an abundance of wild edibles and how to properly harvest them. (For an additional $15 per person, this workshop can be continued to the next level, turning your wildcrafted collection into healthful recipes and medicinal healing treatments)


Axes and Arrows

If you’ve ever had a hankering for throwing sharp objects, here’s how to do it safely! Learn the basics of shooting an arrow and throwing an axe and aim for the bulls-eye in our custom-made target range. Split your group into teams and we’ll organize a round-robin for some friendly competition.




Third Level

$20 per person, 8 people minimum, 16 people maximum


Cooking Classes

Headwaters is know for delicious food and we love to pass on our cooking secrets! Using fresh ingredients straight off the farm, our seasoned instructors teach recipes that are mouth-watering, nutritious and easy to replicate at home. Our teaching kitchen easily accommodates 12 people at stations or 16 watching a demonstration. The following are suggested options which we can customize to your liking:

Baking and pastry-making
International flavours
Vegetarian and vegan
Wood-fired oven – bagels and pizza
Canning and preserving



Cultures and Seeds

The trend towards more natural, gut-friendly eating is one we firmly believe in. These classes will demonstrate how easy it is to grow and manage life-giving bacterium, cultures and sprouts in your kitchen to ramp up your immune system and your energy. Feel free to expand on the following options:

Fermenting and vinegars
Yogurt, kombucha and kefir


Natural Body Care

Instead of heading to the drugstore for your health and beauty essentials, consider making your own. Homemade products are pure and natural, save money and feel great! This workshop teaches the basic recipes for making your own lotions, potions and medicinals using simple ingredients.

Soothing comfort – lotions, oils and salves
Bathroom body – toothpaste, deodorant and body cleansers
Natural medicine cabinet – healing with herbs


Painting and Crafting Party

What better way to celebrate the beauty of nature than to capture it through your own eyes and be able to translate it into something touchable. Local artists will bring out your creative side with simple techniques that will surprise you. Options include:

Painting and mixed media
Wild-crafting – grape-vine weaving