August 15 at 7pm

Abby Zotz Outdoor Concert

Abby Zotz Outdoor Concert

Wednesday, August 15, 6 pm at HEADWATERS Community Farm & Education Centre

A gifted musician and vocal artist, Abby’s message is an uplifting and often poignant expression of the human experience. She explores tiny fragments of life, both the lighter side and the struggle of finding hope in a troubled world. Her songs are at once intimate and relatable.“The voice of a Nightingale” -Uta Birnbaum, Director
From classical and world music to country and traditional folk, Abby’s exposure to a variety of genres in her childhood set the tone for a life-long thirst to explore new musical avenues and expand her range. Her multi-faceted career has taken her from the Royal Conservatory of Music Concert Hall to tavern stages to festivals and (almost) everywhere in between.“A voice at once sweet and rich – beautiful!” -Tatjana Barr, Simple Moments,
Nova Scotian her debut solo album, Local Honey, Abby takes an exhilarating leap – with arms wide open – and soars. Infused with a spirit of freedom, her new sound is a satisfying union of wistful pop blended beautifully with gospel, folk, and blues; all filtered through her gift for emotional and philosophical contemplation. Abby’s is a voice that is at once authentic and pure, yet time and experience have lent a new edge to it; a broader vocal range and maturity that adds dimension and a touching honesty to her lyrics and emotional depth to her songs.

Dinner & Concert ticket $45

Concert Only $25

Dinner 6:00 pm

Showtime 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Bring your own chair and refreshments.

No Dogs Allowed

Ticket holders will receive a full refund if the concert is cancelled due to rain – ticket holders will be notified by email.



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VIDEO for first single, BIG HOPE: